Tile Floor Installation: How to Prepare and Lay Tile?

Basement flooring ideas give homeowners many different potential routes that they can take for basement renovations, but for some these extra choices simply complicate matters. When some people first take on a new project such as finishing a basement, they know right away what the end product is going to be.

Other people take more of a step by step approach, waiting to see the kinds of costs they will be facing, how things are turning out and ultimately what the best choice will be. However you fit into the equation, there are many different basement flooring ideas that you can put to use depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Try to not to be overwhelmed and instead focus on finding something that really works for you in as many ways as possible.

A lot of homeowners like the appeal of a hardwood floor in their basement. This is attractive, however it won’t fit all of your intended usages depending on what you had in mind. The other problem is that it can be susceptible to moisture damage if you’re not careful. It’s a beautiful option, but may not be best for everyone. Hardwood can be a great option for a potential home office or study, some place where you will be often enough to want something very attractive but not constantly enough or through the night where the lack of insulation can make things cold.

Another option is for tile flooring in your basement. There are all kinds of tile options, ranging from cheap to very expensive. Tile will be easy to maintain, but has a limited range of uses, particularly in a basement because it won’t fit the needs of a bedroom or a gym, for example. It also won’t add any insulation value to the basement, so you can expect to be dealing with a constantly cold floor. Good places to put down tile flooring in your basement will be additional bathrooms, or even a refinished laundry room.

Carpeting is the most versatile and therefore the most common. It can be used for any intended purpose, and it will usually be able to stand up to the test of time. It will also help add some warmth to your basement, as well as a true homey feel. However if you wanted a nice bar or lounge setting for example, it might not fit that role perfectly.

In addition to all of these basement flooring ideas you’ll also have a wide range of options. These include layers of composite materials, various rubbers and connectible flooring units and more. These are generally amongst the cheap options that you have, and therefore they are growing in popularity, particularly as they become more functional and more attractive.

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