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Tips for Choosing Colors Carpet Floor Compatible with your room

Carpet floor though seem trivial, but it has a huge impact in a room. The color of the carpet, especially, can determine the function and atmosphere, how wills the room after the carpet is installed. Installing a specific color in the living room carpet will add aesthetic value and is able to turn the room… Read More »

How To Over Dye a Rug

How To Over Dye a Rug? Do not rush to buy cleaning products when you find stains on your carpet or rug fur. Make the most out of existing materials by mixing warm water with a little vinegar and detergent to remove any stains. The test this solution on How To Over Dye a Rug.… Read More »

How To Dye Carpet

If any of your home’s carpet is becoming worn or faded, you may want to consider dying it. Dying carpet is a simple and cost conscious alternative to needlessly purchasing new carpet. Prep Your Carpet Before proceeding to dye your carpet, you will need to give it a thorough cleaning. Begin this process by removing… Read More »

The Idea For Installing Carpet To Wood Stairs

Carpet To Wood Stairs, existing vertical circulation in the building, it could be an interesting architectural element as long as know how to cultivate it. Not only through the choice of the form of stairs, can upholstery material also add to the beauty. The staircase in your home can generate new and different impression. In… Read More »